About Pensive Lookout


The planet Earth is an amazing place full of natural and societal wonders. Unfortunately, society inevitably has a damaging effect on the environment. This is true for all products from the sourcing of raw material, to the manufacturing process, to the packaging and fuel that gets it safely through the supply chain. The rise of single-use plastics and other harmful waste have had a dramatic impact on the world, as you have no doubt seen first hand. It's up to each of us, consumers and business owners alike, to seek more sustainable solutions for as many products as possible.


Here at Pensive Lookout, I curate a selection of sustainable, high quality, long lasting products for the home and more. I seek products which minimize the use of plastics and foams in favor of less harmful materials like wood, metal, glass, natural fabrics, and ceramics. I seek any product that makes effective use of recycled material such as MDF. Additionally, products which help reduce fuel consumption are included in the database. It is my mission to deliver these products to you at the lowest prices possible.


If you ever find that my products don't live up to this standard, I'd like to hear about it! Use the contact form to get in touch or join in the discussion at the forum.

Pensive Lookout LLC is based in Vernon, Connecticut. All product prices include logistics to your door.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy your stay at Pensive Lookout!