Sustainable Products for Less

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Pensive Lookout is a database of sustainable products that you can buy from me at retail; they will be shipped directly to your door after purchase. Most of the items I currently carry are available from other online stores or marketplaces if you look hard enough. However, what you won't find are prices like mine.

When you choose to buy a sustainable product, you're helping to keep garbage out of the landfills because there are alternative ways to dispose of it after it's useful life. The fact is simple: if you're choosing to buy sustainable products from my store you deserve the best prices possible. That's why I went through the entire database (currently 479 products) and reviewed the prices to make sure I'm offering the best deals I can. I slashed prices on the vast majority of products, thinning my margins to the limit.

This doesn't leave me with much room for discounting, but if you see a competitor with a lower price on something let me know, I'd be happy to underbid them if I can.