Joe Basile

Hi, I'm Joe. I'm the proprietor here at Pensive Lookout. I run this company out of a desire to live in a more sustainable society. My hope is that by offering more sustainable product options, consumers will be able to make more socially responsible purchases. I'm proud to offer these options as part of my business here. 

I also offer services through the booking platform here. First and foremost is my passion for website design, which you can check out by looking around this website. I can design and construct a fully functional website for your store, restaurant, band, or other business. Options for functionality include menus, online reservations, appointment booking, online ordering, online payments, and more! 


You can also hire me to assemble furniture or to move your stuff into and out of a truck. I consider these jobs to be essential to my staying fit, and assembling new pieces of furniture is always interesting.


If you're a commercial customer or a non-profit you also can book me for business related tasks. I can help you mange your inventory or organize your shop, and I can handle a wide variety of office tasks, too.

I earned my MS in mechanical engineering from RPI Hartford in 2014. This, along with over a decade in industry, has given me the organizational skills and patience I need to run the business and everything that goes along with it. My technical background means I look forward to even the trickiest of jobs, and I also enjoy a good workout at work.

Book me today so I can get the job done!

More Info:

  • Proprietor of Pensive Lookout LLC

  • MS - mechanical engineering

  • Retailer

  • Fully vaccinated against Covid-19


  • Drill

  • Hand Tools

  • Furniture Straps

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