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Nothing helps productivity like the ability to focus on the craft you love. At Pensive Lookout, our user-friendly Tradekeepers Supplier Portal takes the burdens of customer service and tax collection off of your business, giving you that extra time back to prioritize your passion and make the best products possible. There's a low markup of 15% applied to your drop-ship items, making us a better deal than our competitors and putting more money back into your business!

We're still testing systems, so your participation and feedback will be key to perfecting our services. As a thank you, we're offering early adopters low-cost personal websites with custom domains to showcase your talents and your products. The price for a website will increase as early adopters sign up. Keep reading for more details.

How You can benefit from the Tradekeepers Supplier Portal:

  • Your profile and products will be added to the Tradekeepers Listings.

  • You sell only to Pensive Lookout LLC for resale.

  • You set the prices. There's a low 15% markup on your dropship items.

  • Your high value items get a discount. The markup is reduced to 7.5% on the portion of your item's price that is in excess of $2000.00.

  • You don't take retail customer calls. Customer service is led by Pensive Lookout.

  • You don't need to break the bank on office equipment. The Supplier Portal has an easy to use, mobile compatible interface, allowing you to get started with as little as a smartphone.

  • You have help getting the word out. Your products are uploaded to Google Shopping for free ads.

  • You can promote your products with pay-per-click advertising. The Supplier Portal features paid Google Shopping ads with easy setup. Just turn paid product ads on for each product and buy a subscription package. We handle the rest for just 10 to 15% of the subscription. 

  • New: Early adopters are eligible for a low-cost custom Wix website, now just $300.00.

But how do we compare? Competitor data is current as of 6/21/2022:

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Apply for access below or check out these frequently asked questions for more info.


What kind of products are you looking for?

We're seeking sustainable products from artists, artisans, antiques collectors, and small manufacturers in the United States who are looking for an easy, low-cost way to sell their products online. 

The types of products that we are seeking:

  • Household goods made from natural materials

  • Clothing made from natural fabrics

  • Artwork

  • Antiques

  • Sporting goods and games made from natural materials

  • Musical instruments

  • Energy and fuel saving devices

  • Anything recycled/ upcycled/ refurbished

What is a sustainable product?

The material a product is made from is often key to it's sustainability, but it's not the only factor. The purpose of the item is also important, as the goal of Pensive Lookout is to provide items that are either necessary or effectively enrich the lives of its owners without causing unnecessary waste. Other factors include the supply chain and the packaging. 

What is drop-shipping?

When a customer buys a product on the retail store, we'll check if it's a drop-ship item. If it is, we'll send you a wholesale order with instructions to ship the item directly to the customer. This setup takes the burden of customer service off of your business, allowing you to simply list and ship!

What about wholesale lots?

If you prefer lump-sum payments, you can offer us deals on cases of your product. This allows us to buy your product in bulk and handle storage and shipping for you. Offering a deal that reflects this level of effort will incentivise us to make purchases.

What about my taxes?

We'll file a form 1099 and provide you with a copy when required by law.

How can I get my own website?
Early adopters like you are eligible for a custom-made Wix website which will display your products and prices. Full details are available inside the Supplier Portal. 

Alright, how do I apply?

Whether you're crafting clothing or kitchen wares, pottery or table games, or something else entirely, we want to hear from you! Use the form below to send a free application for access to our Supplier Portal, giving you the power to create wholesale listings and get them online on day one. See the Terms & Conditions for full details on offering goods for sale on the platform.

Thank you for your interest and please enjoy your stay at Pensive Lookout!

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